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Please gear up to enjoy the football fever next year when the 10th edition of the FIFA World  Cup 2019 would begin in the France. It is important to note that France is selected as host for the first time. The tournament is scheduled from 7th of June 2019 to 7th July 2019.  France was announced as the host nation long back on 2nd December 2010. It was awarded all the hosting rights. The total eight teams will be competing in this international football tournament. 

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The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 is coming around very soon and this website is basically created to provide every single information about it, so that you stay tuned with the tournament. There are lot of things that need to be cleared out about this website.


A lot of posts are available in this website which is the reason why the comment section is also enabled. This means that a user who is visiting this website and reading one of the articles can also send their feedback and let us know what they feel about the article. They can even give us some advices on where to change and we would take positive criticism very finely. If you are commenting as not an anonymous person and wants to give your name and picture, it will be visible to the audience watching. Nothing is going to bother you about it since most of the social media is about the same thing. Plus, no information about you will be leaked anywhere else.


A user will also have the opportunity to upload any media on this website which might or might not be shown in the articles, depending on the relatability. The matter of the fact is that the media that you upload can be downloaded by any other user and they can use it anywhere else if the person does not have a copyright for that.


These are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of any privacy policy. This website does save cookies but that is solely for the convenience of the user. Suppose a user uploads something but for a slow internet connection, that thing does not get posted directly. The next time he opts to do so he would not have to carry on the whole process because the cookies will be saved. The main motive of this is for the comments. 

When you enter your login data, it will also be saved in the cookies but first your browser would ask you if you want to save the cookies in this website. Also, the information is going to last only for about 1 year and the information will not also be leaked anywhere. We respect your privacy and that is the reason why we are making sure you know everything about what we do with your information and why we do it.

If you choose to not save cookies on this website, you can click on know when your browser prompts you for the permission.

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Some content from other websites can also be embedded in the articles of this website and when you visit those websites, we don’t guarantee you anything about the cookies. You would have to check their privacy policy to know what things that keep private and what they keep public. Any responsibilities of your information which you enter in another website, is not ours and it makes sense why.

The personal data that you enter on this particular website however, is completely our responsibility. You can even edit your comment and it will be saved in our cookies.